Hide product price on the front store for specific customers

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Steps to manage

 1. Open the app >  click Locks > click Create Lock button or open an existing Lock 

2.  Enter the Lock Name

3.  In Lock resources  > Content to lock section, select Specific products or Specific collections option > Add products/collections you want to apply the Lock

4. Then the product Product settings option will show up below, tick on Hide product prices checkbox

5. In Lock conditional section > Select who can (or cannot) access the content > select Selected customers

6. In ACCESS part, select Cannot access 

There are 2 types to select customer: 

  • Manual: click Manage customer button and select customers from all customers in your store 
  • Rules: set up condition with customer tag. For example: customers – is tagged with – wholesale. Customers who has tag “wholesale will not be able to view the price o the selected products. 

7. Click Save to update the changes

   Check the result on the front store



You can add multiple conditions to select customers to apply the Lock

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