Connect RFQ form data to Sendinblue

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In Sendinblue app: 

Step 1: Find or Generate Sendinblue API Key

Please follow this link to find your API key.

In B2B Request a Quote,Hide Price app: 

Step 2: Add Sendinblue API key to the app settings

 1. Open the app > Settings > Integrations

 2 Click Sendinblue > tick on Enable checkbox and enter Sendinblue API key field created in the Steps 1 above. Learn more about how to create a contact list in Sendinblue here

 3. Select a list from Sendinblue to connect the app

 4. Select the value of quote form (on the right) to mapped with the data from Sendinblue (on the left)

 5. Click Save

 5. Check data in Sendinblue after form is submitted


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