Configure emails sent to customers

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There are 2 email templates, you can select one of them: 

  • Basic template: Configure the email template with available options
  • Advance template: Manually edit the email content 

If you select basic template > click Save, the basic template will be applied to emails. 

Basic email template

 1. Open the app > click General >  Notifications > Auto response emailEdit setting

 2. Click the Basic tab to show the email template you want to edit

 3. On the left side, enter your information and select options to add data to the email template

4.  Save template

For more details, there are 6 sessions for admin to edit the email template as you wish.

 1. General 

In this session, you can set up the following parts:

  • Admin Email: admin can add or change email addresses that receive quote notifications in this field.

Emails are sent by our email server by default. If you want to use your email address as the sender instead, please set up SMTP. Learn more

  • Subject: Admin enters the subject of this notification email.
  • Attach PDF file: tick to this checkbox if you want to attach the quote as a PDF file in your email. 

2. Header email content

  • Enter the Store name and Store link fields
  • Click Upload photo to add the logo of the store
  • Edit the Description part: You can use the available email placeholders in your email

3. Product information

Tick to the checkbox of the available information you want to show in your email. They are:

  • Product image
  • Product Vendor
  • Product SKU
  • Product Options
  • Product Quantity
  • Product Price

4. Additional information

Tick to checkbox to select the formbuilder fields you want to show in your email:

5. Footer email content

Edit the footer content as you want by using available email placeholders:

6. Color and font

  • Drag and drop to adjust the Font size
  • Click to choose the Text color and the Heading color you want

Advanced email template

 1. Open the app > click General >  Notifications > Auto response emailEdit setting

 2. Click the Advanced tab to show the email template you want to edit

 3. Manually edit email template content on the right

 4. Click Show Email Placeholders > copy variables and add them to the email template

For example:

I want to show the customer name who has submitted the quote. In the image below, you can see variable {!! $name !!}: First name in the Email placeholders list. 

In the Subject field and Body field, I use {!! $name !!} variable, this variable will be replaced with the name of the customer who has submitted your quote.

 5. Custom CSS codes: Put custom CSS codes for the email content  (optional)

 6. Save template

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