View the “Request for Quote” page

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Approach 1: View quote page by quote button

Step to manage

 1. Open the app > click Quote settings

 2. Click On front store tab > scroll down to PAGES > select Request For Quote Page

 3. On the same page of setting, move to ADD TO QUOTE section >  Message type after add to quote > select Redirect to quote page

4. Click Save

On the front store, customers click quote button, it directs to quote page

Approach 2: View quote by quote widget

This feature allows you to show a quote widget on your front store so that customers can easily access the quote page by clicking the quote widget on the page.

Steps to manage

 1.Open the app >  click Quote settings
 2. Click Quote widget tab >  tick on the checkbox Enable quote widget to show the quote widget on the front store
 3. Select Action > Go to  quote page after customers click on quote widget

 4. Click Save

When customers click quote widget on the page, it immediately direct to quote page.

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