Set up SMTP email

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  • Setting SMTP is optional. If you do not configure this option, email notifications will be sent from our email server ([email protected]) by default
  • Our app currently only supports Google and Outlook SMTP. For other email providers, you can configure APILearn more

Please follow our below instructions to configure the SMTP email service in the app. The specific case below is setting Goolge SMTP

Step 1: Log into your Google account 

First, log into your Google account here


Step 2: Enabling 2-Step Verification

To make sure that your Google account is well protected to avoid any intervention when using the SMTP service; therefore, we recommend enabling the 2-step verification offered by Google.

Here is the guide for you: Enabling 2-Step Verification

If you have already enabled the 2-step verification, then you may jump to Step 3 below.

Step 3: Generate App Password 

  1. Then click here to generate App password
  2. Select Other/Custom name from Select App, give it a name such as “DO – Production Server” and then click Generate.
  3. Note down the application password as it will be required in the next step.

Step 4: Configure Gmail on the SMTP Add-on in the app

Steps to manage 

 1. Open the app > click General > Notification > Click on the SMTP selector

 2. In SMTP & API > Choose provider dropdown, select one email service provider. For example: Google

 3. Enter the information of your own SMTP in the field

 4. Click Save to update the changes

 5. Enter the test email and check

Google SMTP configuration includes the below information:

(1)  Enter your SMTP email

(2) Use port 465 Enter as your host

(3) Enter your Gmail login username [email protected]

(4) Enter your App password

(5) Send mail as a different email (optional). Learn more


The App password in field number 4 is the app password generated in Step #2 above. It’s NOT your Gmail account password.

For more information, please check the documents below:

+) What is App Password:

+) Set up Google’s SMTP Server:

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