Convert quote to draft order

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Steps to manage

 1. Open the app > click Quote list > open the quote detail you want to convert to order

2. Edit the quote details if necessary

 3. Click the Convert to order button > there will be a pop-up asking for confirmation -> click Convert -> the quote is immediately converted to a draft order

 4. Click the View draft order button to view the order detail, it will direct you to another page. 

In the Orders section, you can add a shipping method or discount, etc. The Shopify system will do the rest tasks for this draft order. 


 1. Do I need update draft order each time I  edit quote?

Next time, if you edit the quote and send an email to customer, you do not need to go to Shopify Draft orders and review the draft order.

All the changes you save after editing quote will be automatically updated in the Shopify Draft orders.

 2. How can I disable the notification each time I edit draft order? 

If you made any changes to the draft order, then by default a notification is sent automatically to your customer.

You can disable this notification from the Notifications page in the wholesale channel. You can also contact your customer directly to make sure that your customer approves of the changes before you send an invoice and start the payment process.

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