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To achieve the result of automatic translation, please make sure the target language has been added to your front store. Please follow this article to know more: Shopify in multiple languages · Shopify Help Center

When customers submit the quote in the target language, the data you receive will be automatically translated. Please follow the steps below to set up the translation in the app.

There are 4 parts that you can translate

  • General: translating words in the app
  • Formbuilder: translating words in the quote form
  • Notification email: translating the emails sent to admin
  • Auto response: translating the emails sent to customers

Steps to manage

 1. Open the app > click General > click on the Translation section> select the part you want to translate 

 2. Click Add language > Select a language you want to use in the List languages dropdown > Click Add button

 3. Enter the field with the new language you want to use in your front store

 4. Click Save to update the translation.

Go the the Shopify front store, change the language to the language you have just updated in the app to check the result



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