Add reCaptcha to the form

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Step 1: Set up Google reCaptcha v2/v3 Site Key and Secret Key

Firstly, in order to activate reCaptcha v2 on your form, please make sure that you have filled out Site key and Secret key in the app’s Settings.

Note: If you have not finished this task yet, please read this article to get Google reCaptcha Site key and Secret key and fill them in the app’s settings.

Step 2: Add Google reCaptcha to app Settings

Please follow our below instructions:

  1. From the app admin page, click Settings
  2. Click Google reCaptcha tab > reCaptcha type dropdown > select v2 or v3 
  3. Enter Site key and Secret key you get in step 1 above
  4. Select language of the reCaptcha on front store
  5. Click Save and save the app Settings too

Steps 3: Enable Google reCaptcha on the form

  1. From the app admin page, click Registration Form > open the form you want to edit
  2. Click Settings > Google reCaptcha > tick on checkbox Enable 
  3. Click Save to update the changes

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