Wholesale store

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Can users apply discount to only wholesale customers? 

Yes, it is possible. 

Our app allow users to create discounts and apply to tagged customers. 

Also, you can create wholesale registration form for customers to sign up. Customers fill out the form, sign up and tagged “wholesale” automatically 

Can we run B2C & B2B in one store only?

Yes, it is possible to build your store that will have both retail and wholesale price on one website.
Only B2B customers will be able to see discounted wholesale prices, while your B2C retail customer will only be able to see the general market price.

How can I verify wholesale customers? 

Our app provides you wholesale registration form that allows customers sign up as a wholesale customers. 

After customers fill out and submit the form, the customer accounts are created automatically in your Shopify Customers and tagged “wholesale” automatically. 

You can manage customers with tags. 



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