Wholesale pricing

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 How are discounts calculated?

When you create a wholesale pricing, the app allows users select one type of discount. It is how you calculate the discount price applied to products. 

There are three Discount Groups (also known as discount types/discount method) available in our app. 

  • Percent Of
  •  Amount 
  • Fixed Price

 Can I have different discounts for different variants of a product?


You can set up discount for selected variants of products. 

For example: product T-shirt has 3 sizes S, M, L

You can set up the wholesale pricing and apply it to the product T-shirt – size S only 

Can I have different price for different wholesale customers?

Yes, it is possible. 

You can set a unique price per product or variant to each individual customer or customer group.

Our app allows users create pricing for specific customers with tag. 

Will the discount conflict with each other?


In case multiple discount is applied to one product, our app allows users to set up the rule to prioritize one discount type. 

Please view this guide to know more about Set up priority order of discount rule

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