Create Volume Pricing for Individual Variant

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Steps to manage 

  1. From the app admin page, click Volume Pricing 
  2. Click Create new Volume pricing button 
  3. Enter the title (only you can view the title) > select status Active if you want to make the pricing work on the site 
  4. In Customer conditions section > Apply to Customers :, select
    Customer tags > enter tag “wholsale
  5. In Product conditions section > Apply to Products:, enable set pricing for products variants
  6. select Specific products >  on the popup, tick on the checkbox of product variant you want to select > Done 
  7. In Discount Groups section, select Percent > Enter the discount percentage value in the Discount per item field.

    Example: 20% Percent Off would mean that an item that originally cost $100 would now cost 80$.

  8. add more price break: buy (x) products to get (y) price. For example: quantity 2 – 20 percent off, quantity 5 – 30 percent off 
  9. In Discount Types section, select one of 3 option. By default, Volume Pricing is  applied based on total quantity of each variant separately in the cart. You can change the option according to your requirements. 
  10. In Active dates sections, tick on Start Date/End Date checkbox and enter the date if you wan to limit the time to apply the pricing [Optional]
  11. Click Save 
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