Create a dynamic banner

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Steps to manage 

 1. Open the app > click Banners >  click Create banner button 

  2. Click the Settings icon on the left > in Elements sections, click on Group 1 of the banner > click Add content > select one of the content types: Line break, Message, Button > Image. For example, click Message to add text to the banner

 3. For reach content type, you can configure the text and color

4. After configure the Group 1, click Add group to add the next step of the banner

 4. Click Add content to add content to the group 2 and configure it as you do for Group 1 

 5. Scroll to Time part > set Time Per Group. For example: Time Per Group is 5 seconds, it means that each group will show up in 5 second on the banner

6. Click Save 

Tutorial video

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