Create a new banner

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Create a new banner

Steps to manage 

 1. Open the app > click Banners 

 2. Click the Settings icon on the left > click Create banner button 

 3. In the Elements sections, click on Group 1 of the banner > click Add content > select one of the content types: Line break, Message, Button, Image 

 4. For each content type, you can configure the text and color. For example, click on Message to add text to the banner

 5. In Banner configuration sections, tick on the checkbox Bar Clickable and Include Close Button [optional]

 6. Select A Display Position of the banner on the page with its effect

 7. In the Design section, configure the design of the color of the banner bar, text, padding, and the Interval Between Bar Display

 8. Click Save 

Display the banner on front store 

Please view this guide to know more 

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