How to increase storage size?

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The storage limitation of the app would be applied to the case in which your forms contain the field of files. 
The admin can follow the remaining space of the storage in the app Dashboard. 
Solution 1: Upgrade the app to a higher plan
You can upgrade to a higher plan (Pro+) that suits your need of increasing the total storage of files on your site. Please go to the app > click Pricing plans to view more details about the current plan you are using. 

Solution 2: Delete quotes that contain upload files
Also, you can free your storage by deleting submissions.
If the quotes containing files are deleted, the files are deleted forever, then there will be more storage space. 

Note: Deleting quotes is an undone action. 
Before you delete the quote, please export and save data if you still want to store quote information. Export quote here 

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